Eindhoven : Study into grade-separated junction

Eindhoven is growing; both the numbers of residents and tracks in and around Eindhoven are on the rise. Due to this development, we expect an increase in railway travellers as well. In order to facilitate this, expansions on and around Eindhoven Central Station are required. One of these expansions is a potential grade-separated junction near Tongelre.

A future-proof railway hub

ProRail conducted a study on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The study focuses on future passenger transportation in the south-east Netherlands for 2040. Due to the rapid growth of the greater Eindhoven area and the number of tracks, we expect more railway passengers in the future. That is why we are exploring various measures to allow for more trains in the direction of Maastricht, Venlo as well as the Randstad region, Germany and Belgium. This requires expansion of the railway and station capacity.

Follow-up study

On 9 November 2022, a decision was taken in the ‘Bestuurlijk Overleg Meerjarenprogramma Infrastructuur, Ruimte en Transport’ [Multi-year Programme Infrastructure, Space and Transport Administrative Meeting] (MIRT*) regarding the follow-up to the study on and around Eindhoven Central Station. The study (MIRT exploration) is continued with an exploration of a future-proof public transportation hub for Brainport Eindhoven. This exploration consists of two parts: the bus station and the challenges on the track.

* The MIRT lists all projects and programmes that the State is working on or will be working on, whether it be in collaboration with provinces, transport regions, municipalities and water authorities. In a MIRT exploration, various solutions are elaborated into a final preferred option. For more information, please refer to Rijksoverheid.nl.


The State and the region reserved a combined amount of €852 million. This entire budget is expected to be required for:

  • Follow-up study, plan detailing and realisation on and around Eindhoven Central Station. Sufficient capacity on the track, new bus station and bicycle parking, new station lobby, square on the north side.
  • Follow-up study grade-separated junction near Tongelre:
    sufficient capacity on the track
  • Follow-up study reverse track near Helmond/Deurne:
    sufficient capacity on the track

Grade-separated junction Tongelre

At the moment, there is no budget for the realisation of a grade-separated junction near Tongelre. This means that no dramatic changes will be made to this crossing.
Due to the growth of railway transport, we do expect a grade-separated junction to be necessary in the future. For that reason, a grade-separated junction near Tongelre will be explored further. This includes an analysis of the impact of a grade-separated junction on the surroundings. We want to improve our estimate of this impact and minimise it where possible. We expect the follow-up study to take two years. A new decision about a potential realisation of this measure will be taken afterwards.


ProRail, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Noord-Brabant Province and Eindhoven municipality will draft a roadmap for the follow-up study. This will include a participation plan. A meeting is expected to take place before the summer of 2023 where we will clarify how local residents will be informed about and involved in these follow-up studies.

Information meeting documentation

All available documentation as promised during the information meeting on 28 September 2022 can be viewed online. In the future, the list will be updated with other usable documentation. View all documents via the link below.

View all documents (in dutch)

View Q&A (in English)


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