Network Statement : Rail-related sevices

In accordance with Article 5 of Implementation Regulation 2017/2177/EU, operators of rail-related services and service facilities are required to publish their offerings through ProRail's Network Statement.

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They are expected to post the available information on their own website and share the hyperlink annually, no later than July 1st, with ProRail via, so that it can be included in the next upcoming Network Statement in a timely manner. Upon consultation, the relevant information may also be provided to ProRail in alternative formats. For this, and for any other questions, you can also get in touch with us via


The rail sector, in collaboration with the regulatory authorities, has developed a model. This model can be used by operators of service facilities to create descriptions of their services and service facilities. You can find this model in PDF format on the Railnet Europe website. The Word version can be found here.

European portal

The European Commission has commissioned the construction of a portal where operators can provide information about their rail-related services and service facilities. The 'European Rail Facilities Portal' became available in May 2019. Its use is optional. You can access the portal at For more information, you can refer to this document.


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