Gaining track access : Network Statement

ProRail offers access to a safe and reliable rail network. Do you, as a train operating company, wish to use our rail infrastructure? Then please read our Network Statement, which contains relevant information for gaining track access.

Practical information

The Network Statement not only contains practical, technical information about the railway network managed by ProRail, but also spells out the conditions you have to meet in order to access the network. Including a sample of a network access agreement between ProRail and a train operating company.

The Network Statement also describes the relevant procedures to be followed in order to gain access to, as well as operate on, the Dutch rail network. Article 58 of the Railway Act (Spoorwegwet) refers to the Network Statement. ProRail publishes a Network Statement every year, and issues amendments whenever necessary.


In the Network Statement, you will also find an overview of the rail-related services (pdf). Access to shunting tracks for instance, or placement of additional travel information panels at stations. In addition to the rail-related services that ProRail offers, from 1 June 2019 you will also find the rail-related services of other operators on this website.

Usage fees

The Network Statement also contains an overview of the usage fees we charge for the rail network and the services.



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