Werkzaamheden op en rond Amersfoort Centraal

We werken in Amersfoort om het belangrijke knooppunt klaar te maken voor de toekomst. Treinen rijden minder of helemaal niet, maar de stad blijft bereikbaar.

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Schiphol bus station being renovated to improve accessibility


20 maart 2024

The bus station at Schiphol is going to be completely renovated over the coming years. The current bus stops are making way for a large, covered bus platform and three new stairways linking the bus and train stations. There will also be a new bicycle parking facility with room for 500 bikes. This renovation will improve Schiphol's accessibility by public transport. Travellers can make use of the new transport hub as of 2027.

Transferring between train and bus

The new bus station has a large, covered island platform with 20 stops, which means space for more buses. Travellers also have more room when waiting for their bus. After this renovation project, transferring between train and bus will be easier. Three new stairways connect the bus station to the train platforms below. Travellers can therefore transfer directly from bus to train and vice versa. Gates will be placed near these stairways so that public transport users can check in and out. The new bicycle parking facility, which travellers and employees can use, has room for around 500 bikes. The surrounding roads are being adapted and connected to the new bus station.

Sybren Hahn, Executive Director Schiphol Infrastructure: 'At Schiphol we continue to work on good accessibility for everyone who travels to, from and via the airport. Currently, around half of travellers come here by public transport. Our aim is for that amount to increase and to keep on making transportation to and from Schiphol more sustainable. That requires investment in the bus station, so that travellers can transfer between the various modes of transport – plane, train, bus, bicycle, taxi, shared transport and car – more easily in the future. Schiphol is a real hub where various forms of mobility come together, and we want to keep facilitating that for our travellers and employees.'

A lot easier

Harro Homan, Regional Director Randstad North at ProRail: 'This renovation will soon make it a lot easier for travellers to get from the train platforms to the bus station and vice versa. Exactly what we want at ProRail: various modes of transport connecting seamlessly. Thanks to this project, train and bus at Schiphol Plaza will soon be connected to each other perfectly.'

Marja Ruigrok, member of Amsterdam Transport Authority's executive board: 'Schiphol's accessibility is of crucial importance to the area. We are now going to make further improvements for electric buses. And a lot of people do not know that Schiphol has a cycle tunnel and great cycle paths. So, make use of them!'

Initial works

The initial works – constructing a temporary bicycle shed, laying cables and pipes – start in May 2024. As of October 2024, we will be working on the bus station in phases. Travellers can continue to make use of the bus station throughout the period of works. Many of the bus stops will be moved temporarily to another (designated) location. The wayfinding and bus stop information for travellers will be adjusted to this temporary situation. The current stops and lane for the Schiphol taxi and P3 buses are staying at the same location.

The renovation is part of the Multimodal Hub Schiphol (MHS) project. Besides the bus station, the lifts, escalators and stairs between Schiphol Plaza and the train platforms are being tackled. In addition, a new arrival passage has been built where crew transport, taxi apps (like Uber and Bolt) and courier services are being relocated to facilitate the renovation of the bus station. Within the MHS project, Schiphol is working with partners towards a better train and bus station at the airport. The existing public transport hub was built in the 1990s. Since then, the number of public transport users has increased significantly. Adjustments are needed in order to create sufficient capacity for all travellers.

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