Network Statement

ProRail offers access to a safe and reliable rail network. Do you, as a train operating company, wish to use our rail infrastructure? Then please read our Network Statement, which contains relevant information for gaining track access.

Practical Information

The Network Statement not only contains practical, technical information about the railway network managed by ProRail, but also spells out the conditions you have to meet in order to access the network, including a sample  of a network access agreement between ProRail and a train operating company. The Network Statement also describes the relevant procedures to be followed in order to gain access to, as well as operate on, the Dutch rail network.

Services and Usage Fees

In the Network Statement, you will also find an overview of the services offered by ProRail; access to shunting tracks for instance, or placement of additional travel information panels at stations. The Network Statement also contains an overview of the usage fees we charge for those services.

Two parts

The Network Statement 2015 and 2016 consists of two parts: the Network Statement Betuweline and Network Statement Combined Network, which covers the other main tracks. Together, these two parts make up the Network Statement, which article 58 of the Railway Act (Spoorwegwet) refers to. From the Network Statement 2017 the Combined Network and the Betuweline are merged into a single part. ProRail publishes a Network Statement every year, and issues amendments whenever necessary.

Documents Network Statement 2020

Documents Network Statement 2019

Bestandstype Informatie Versie Bestandsgrootte
pdf ProRail, Network Statement 2019, updated version
Laatst gewijzigd: 15-02-2019
Versie: 1.4 6.17 MB
pdf ProRail, Network Statement 2019, initial issue
Laatst gewijzigd: 11-12-2017
Versie: 1.0 8.04 MB
pdf Supplement 1 to the Network Statement 2019
General Terms & Conditions, Operational Conditions, Change to text GSM-R Voice, Axle loads passenger trains, Train length, Train detection systems, Reasonable period of time, Timetabling process Enschede-Gronau route section, Publication date of work for timetable process, Indexation of tariffs, Lansingerland-Zoetermeer, BTD planner, W-LIS, Exception rule private passenger transport, Standard tables with interval or intersection times, Decommissioned railways, Compensation charge. Laatst gewijzigd: 04-10-2018
Versie: 1 749.21 KB
pdf Supplement 2 to the Network Statement 2019
Train length for freight trains on border route sections. Laatst gewijzigd: 08-10-2018
Versie: 1 274.76 KB
pdf Supplement 3 to the Network Statement 2019
Incident response costs; Passenger train axle loads; Freight train axle loads; Capacity allocation in ad hoc phase by Traffic Control; Watergraafsmeer refuelling facility; Load specifications freight trains. Laatst gewijzigd: 13-11-2018
Versie: 1.1 467.64 KB
pdf Supplement 4 to the Network Statement 2019
Company Regularions; Passenger train axle loads; Scraping runs; GSM-R other rail-related voice and data; ERTMS; Performance scheme for freight trains; Tariffs compensation scheme for freight trains. Laatst gewijzigd: 15-02-2019
Versie: 1 641.11 KB

Documents Network Statement 2018

Bestandstype Informatie Versie Bestandsgrootte
pdf ProRail Network Statement 2018, initial issue
Laatst gewijzigd: 20-12-2016
Versie: 1.0 7.13 MB
pdf Supplement 1 to the Network Statement 2018
Laatst gewijzigd: 28-02-2017
Versie: 1 127.74 KB
pdf Supplement 2 to the Network Statement 2018
Laatst gewijzigd: 08-05-2017
Versie: 2 266.76 KB
pdf Supplement 3 to the Network Statement 2018
General conditions, operational conditions, charge for railway yards, SLA for GSM-R Voice and RMS Client Laatst gewijzigd: 11-07-2017
Versie: 1 162.23 KB
pdf Supplement 4 to the network statement 2018
First come, first serve principe for ad hoc requests; Compensation of ad-hoc capacity for management; Stabling charge Combined Network; Reservation charge in case of cancellation; Invoicing; Application planning and performance information TSI; Terms of delivery Train Path service; Silent rolling stock discount; Main siding line Alphen aan den Rijn; Performance scheme for freight transport; Axle load Zwolle – Deventer; Power supply Zwolle – Kampen and Rhenen – De Haar Aansluiting; Private passenger transport. Laatst gewijzigd: 18-12-2017
Versie: 1 655.17 KB
pdf Network Statement 2018 prorail updated version
Laatst gewijzigd: 17-07-2018
Versie: 1.5 4.92 MB
pdf Supplement 5 to the network statement 2018
Laatst gewijzigd: 17-07-2018
Versie: 1 282.92 KB

Documents Network Statement 2017

Bestandstype Informatie Versie Bestandsgrootte
pdf Network Statement 2017, updated version
Laatst gewijzigd: 04-04-2017
Versie: 1.5 7.25 MB
pdf Network Statement 2017, initial issue
Laatst gewijzigd: 04-01-2016
Versie: 1.0 7.18 MB
pdf Supplement 1 to Network Statement 2017
Facilities for transfer purpose; user charges for train path service; corrections. Laatst gewijzigd: 02-02-2016
Versie: 2 156.69 KB
pdf Supplement 2 to Network Statement 2017
Implementation Directive 2012/34/EU in Railways Act; Indexation of the charges to price level 2017; timetable planning standards. Laatst gewijzigd: 02-06-2016
Versie: 1 556.91 KB
pdf Supplement 3 to Network Statement 2017
Reuse of freight train paths; local order request; application PION; Model Access Agreement and model Capacity Agreement; Information on developments; Transparency of the Access Agreement; Operational Conditions; Corrections. Laatst gewijzigd: 14-07-2016
Versie: 1 567.09 KB
pdf Supplement 4 to Network Statement 2017
Contact particulars of the Environmental Health and Transport Inspectorate (ILenT); tunnelname; noise discount scheme; operational conditions; Schipholtunnel; ICE on A15 route section; station name. Laatst gewijzigd: 28-11-2016
Versie: 1 234.29 KB
pdf Supplement 5 to Network Statement 2017
Non-usage / cancellation rules; tariffs; noise discount sceme; use of Betuweroute tracks; performance scemes; rationalization; train length; Logistic Portal; Orbit Laatst gewijzigd: 04-04-2017
356.72 KB